Plant Family: Asteraceae (Aster)

Botanical Name: Eupatorium perfoliatum

Also called: Common Boneset

Duration: Perennial

Blooms: July – September

Location: MacNider Entrance (2005 – present)

Medicinal Uses: This plant is currently used in herbal medicine to treat fevers and colds. There is also evidence of anti-inflammatory properties as well as effects against the parasite that causes malaria. Other uses include assistance with constipation, fluid retention, muscle aches, inflammation, and stimulation of the immune system.  

Folklore/History: Used by Indians to break fevers by inducing an intense sweat. This was also often used as protection to ward off illnesses and as a ritual cleansing body scrub. People believed in using it to ward of curses, hexes, and jinxes, as well as in exorcisms.


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