Plume Poppy

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Plant Family: Papaveraceae (Poppy family)

Botanical Name: Macleaya cordata

Alternative Name: Plume Poppy, Poppy

Medical uses: Carminative; Depurative; Diuretic; Stings. The whole plant is useful – stems, leaves, and flowers alike. Juices extracted from the leaves and stems can be used on insect bites; while concentrating the juices from the leaves and stems even be used to treat ringworm. Additionally, the poisonous sap one finds from the stem counteracts poisonous sores.

Folklore: The dried, hollowed stem is used in some regions of China as a playable instrument, referring to it as “the big horn” for its tonal characteristics.

Other fun facts: Isoquinolone alkaloids extracted form Macleaya cordata have been used as a dietary supplement from swine and poultry for its contribution to gastrointestinal health, increasing feed consumption, body mass, and weight gain.

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