St. John’s Wort

By Ferdinand Bauer – The entire series of volumes has been digitally scanned and are available at the Bodley Library, this illustration was found here., Public Domain, (left)

By Mason Brock (Masebrock) – Own work, Public Domain, (right)

Plant Family: Hypericaceae
Botanical Name: Hypericum calycinum ‘bridadoon’ (left)/ Hypericum sphaerocarpum (right)

Alternative Name: Aaron’s beard, great St-John’s wort, Creeping St. John’s wort and Jerusalem star/ Roundseed St. Johnswort or Barrens St. John’s Wort

Duration: Perennial

Blooms: July – August
Location in Garden: Lawn Area (2007-2010)

Medicinal Uses: Wounds and infection treatment, anti-inflammatory, sedative, anti-depressant, anti-viral

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